about us







Avispoint Handel & Logistik GmbH is marketing and supplying as exclusive partner of producers
their products to retail and wholesale customers east of EU borders.
We operate by using an own network of joint-ventures and partnerships with selected importers
and are present in our markets according to local requirements.

Our markets:

Russia, Belarus, Baltics, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan

Trade Assortment:

Food with focus on frozen - Vegetables, Frozen, Potatoe Products, Seafood, Meat,
Readymeals, Icecream, Bakery and Confectionery

Industrial Goods, mainly rawmaterials and additives for food production and animal feed
as well as for the general production industry.

We are committed to proper marketing and export handling of any goods we trade while
developing and strengthening market positions for private label as well as trademarks of our partners
has always priority.
We understand about requirements in our markets and how to position products in the regional
trade structures as well as marketing to endusers.

We are pleased to send further details about our assortment and infrastructure upon request.