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AvisPoint is placed on 8.000mē piece of land next door to the customs authority of Lezajsk in south-east of Poland with fast connection to the main border crossings to Ukraine and therfore well placed for ongoing transport to Moldavia, Georgia, Armenia and Kazakhstan.


Poland – Ukriane border crossing Korczowa – Krakowiec: ca. 65km
Poland – Ukraine border crossing Medyka – Szegini: ca. 70km
Poland – Ukraine border crossing Hrebenne – Rava Ruska: ca. 115km

AvisPoint operates an official customs warehouse of more than 1.000mē capacity and
additional space for goods in transit as well as goods without customs status.

All warehouses are according to the necessary standards and norms including handling of in and outgoing goods, inspection, documentation, security and insurance.

Our team offers your drivers flexible and fast service for in and out as well as reloading and repacking. Our vehicle fleet includes forklifts of up to 5tons and a crane for heavy haulage. Mobile ramps allow reloading of cars, motorbikes, tractors etc.

Welcome at AvisPoint customs warehouse!